Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Keys, wallet, and phone. That’s what’s always in the back of our mind when we walk out the door. And we always remember...until that one time...when we forget! Oh no! Locked out again!

The first thing to do is to call that trusted friend or family member who always keeps that spare set of keys for you. If you don’t have a person like that set up already, then you will have to look for a door or window left open, so you can get back in. 

Whether you’re stranded from your place of residence, your car, or your business ~ it’s certainly infuriating, and never convenient, particularly after dark. You may find yourself worrying and wondering if the help you need will ever come at all, but don’t waste your time getting upset. Should you really consider breaking a window, and risk being mistaken for a burglar? Of course not. It’s vital to plan ahead so you can avoid this scenario altogether!

Before such an emergency happens, find a reliable locksmith. The best way you can track down a legitimate local locksmith is to find one ahead of time, before you actually need one. It’s important to do your homework beforehand to avoid getting scammed or overcharged.

Ask people you trust for their locksmith recommendations.
Word of mouth from satisfied customers is always your best bet. 

Find a local, dependable locksmith company. If you can’t get a good recommendation, do some responsible research, using the phone book or on the Internet. Write down the names of the potential reputable locksmith companies in your area, with their phone numbers and addresses. Choose those locksmiths which specialize in the services you require. When you see a street address, confirm that it truly belongs to that locksmith. Sometimes, a disreputable company will list a fake address, claiming to be local but it’s not. You can match up a phone number with a street address using the Web. If someone answers the phone with a generic greeting such as “locksmith services,” rather than with the company name, be sure to ask for the legal name of the business. If the person refuses, just go on to the next one. Keep in mind that some perfectly acceptable locksmith companies may not include a street address on their advertisements, because their business is mobile, dispatching a professional locksmith that’s local to you. So, if an address isn’t given, simply ask why. You can check with the Better Business Bureau to verify if there are any complaints on file. You can also ask your local consumer protection agency, and your state’s attorney general’s office.

Are you locked out of your vehicle? If you’re a member of a roadside assistance organization, it’s best to call them first. Roadside assistance companies keep their own good list of pre-approved subcontractors. In this case, you’ll already know that they can be trusted to properly perform standard services such as unlocking your vehicle, giving you a jump, and so on. 

If you don’t have a roadside assistance membership, then seek an automotive locksmith who specializes in such services as replacing your car keys and car locks, programming transponder keys, installing a new ignition cylinder, and so forth.

If you’re stranded any place in Aurora, Colorado, you may want to hire Aurora Master Locksmith, where mobile professional locksmith technicians on staff work around the clock providing emergency, automotive, commercial or residential locksmith services.

Whatever the circumstances, always request an estimate. Even for emergency locksmith services, before you allow any work to take place, get a written total quote including labor, parts if applicable, and any fees. If you’re locked out ~ of your home, your automobile, or your commercial property ~ a legitimate locksmith will tell you over the phone either an exact or approximate estimate of the total cost. There may be a minimum fee; there might be an extra charge if it’s after hours; there might be a mileage charge; etc. If the price the locksmith gives you upon arrival isn’t the same as the estimate you got over the phone, then say thanks but no thanks.

Check the locksmith’s credentials.
When the locksmith arrives, ask for identification, for a business card, and for proof of a license. The locksmith’s invoice should include the company name. Verify that the locksmith’s vehicle has a name on it matching the business card and the invoice. For acceptable security procedures, the locksmith must also request your identification to absolutely verify your identity. Furthermore, before any work can begin, you’ll need to show that you’re the actual property owner, whether of your home, car, or commercial property.

Be skeptical of any locksmith’s claim that replacement or drilling of a lock is necessary. A consummate professional locksmith will bring the right tools, and possess the sufficient experience and knowledge to realize that such extreme moves are overkill. A genuine expert locksmith is highly skilled, able to unlock just about anything.

A top locksmith is thoroughly background-checked, appropriately insured, officially licensed, and properly bonded. If your property were to be damaged in any way during a service call, or if the locksmith were to do faulty work, the locksmith must have insurance. Therefore, be sure to ask if there is a warranty.

When you’ve found a reputable locksmith
, keep that particular company’s information on hand for future reference ~ in a logical spot such as your refrigerator, your smart phone, your wallet, and the break room’s bulletin board at work. Then you’ll always be able to get out of trouble quickly should any problems with keys and locks arise ~ residential, automotive, or commercial.

Whether you need a skilled locksmith for a one-time job, or you need to hire an expert locksmith specialist to work on a large-scale project, you don’t want to give permission to just anyone when it comes to resolving lock and key issues. The best locksmiths will be happy to answer all your questions and concerns.