Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Keys, wallet, and phone. That’s what’s always in the back of our mind when we walk out the door. And we always remember...until that one time...when we forget! Oh no! Locked out again!

The first thing to do is to call that trusted friend or family member who always keeps that spare set of keys for you. If you don’t have a person like that set up already, then you will have to look for a door or window left open, so you can get back in. 

Whether you’re stranded from your place of residence, your car, or your business ~ it’s certainly infuriating, and never convenient, particularly after dark. You may find yourself worrying and wondering if the help you need will ever come at all, but don’t waste your time getting upset. Should you really consider breaking a window, and risk being mistaken for a burglar? Of course not. It’s vital to plan ahead so you can avoid this scenario altogether!

Before such an emergency happens, find a reliable locksmith. The best way you can track down a legitimate local locksmith is to find one ahead of time, before you actually need one. It’s important to do your homework beforehand to avoid getting scammed or overcharged.

Ask people you trust for their locksmith recommendations.
Word of mouth from satisfied customers is always your best bet. 

Find a local, dependable locksmith company. If you can’t get a good recommendation, do some responsible research, using the phone book or on the Internet. Write down the names of the potential reputable locksmith companies in your area, with their phone numbers and addresses. Choose those locksmiths which specialize in the services you require. When you see a street address, confirm that it truly belongs to that locksmith. Sometimes, a disreputable company will list a fake address, claiming to be local but it’s not. You can match up a phone number with a street address using the Web. If someone answers the phone with a generic greeting such as “locksmith services,” rather than with the company name, be sure to ask for the legal name of the business. If the person refuses, just go on to the next one. Keep in mind that some perfectly acceptable locksmith companies may not include a street address on their advertisements, because their business is mobile, dispatching a professional locksmith that’s local to you. So, if an address isn’t given, simply ask why. You can check with the Better Business Bureau to verify if there are any complaints on file. You can also ask your local consumer protection agency, and your state’s attorney general’s office.

Are you locked out of your vehicle? If you’re a member of a roadside assistance organization, it’s best to call them first. Roadside assistance companies keep their own good list of pre-approved subcontractors. In this case, you’ll already know that they can be trusted to properly perform standard services such as unlocking your vehicle, giving you a jump, and so on. 

If you don’t have a roadside assistance membership, then seek an automotive locksmith who specializes in such services as replacing your car keys and car locks, programming transponder keys, installing a new ignition cylinder, and so forth.

If you’re stranded any place in Aurora, Colorado, you may want to hire Aurora Master Locksmith, where mobile professional locksmith technicians on staff work around the clock providing emergency, automotive, commercial or residential locksmith services.

Whatever the circumstances, always request an estimate. Even for emergency locksmith services, before you allow any work to take place, get a written total quote including labor, parts if applicable, and any fees. If you’re locked out ~ of your home, your automobile, or your commercial property ~ a legitimate locksmith will tell you over the phone either an exact or approximate estimate of the total cost. There may be a minimum fee; there might be an extra charge if it’s after hours; there might be a mileage charge; etc. If the price the locksmith gives you upon arrival isn’t the same as the estimate you got over the phone, then say thanks but no thanks.

Check the locksmith’s credentials.
When the locksmith arrives, ask for identification, for a business card, and for proof of a license. The locksmith’s invoice should include the company name. Verify that the locksmith’s vehicle has a name on it matching the business card and the invoice. For acceptable security procedures, the locksmith must also request your identification to absolutely verify your identity. Furthermore, before any work can begin, you’ll need to show that you’re the actual property owner, whether of your home, car, or commercial property.

Be skeptical of any locksmith’s claim that replacement or drilling of a lock is necessary. A consummate professional locksmith will bring the right tools, and possess the sufficient experience and knowledge to realize that such extreme moves are overkill. A genuine expert locksmith is highly skilled, able to unlock just about anything.

A top locksmith is thoroughly background-checked, appropriately insured, officially licensed, and properly bonded. If your property were to be damaged in any way during a service call, or if the locksmith were to do faulty work, the locksmith must have insurance. Therefore, be sure to ask if there is a warranty.

When you’ve found a reputable locksmith
, keep that particular company’s information on hand for future reference ~ in a logical spot such as your refrigerator, your smart phone, your wallet, and the break room’s bulletin board at work. Then you’ll always be able to get out of trouble quickly should any problems with keys and locks arise ~ residential, automotive, or commercial.

Whether you need a skilled locksmith for a one-time job, or you need to hire an expert locksmith specialist to work on a large-scale project, you don’t want to give permission to just anyone when it comes to resolving lock and key issues. The best locksmiths will be happy to answer all your questions and concerns.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Aurora Master Locksmith: Signs Better Home Security is Needed

Protecting your property is highly important. Aurora Master Locksmith strongly recommends all homeowners, whether you live in Aurora, CO, or anywhere else in the world, to regularly keep all of their security in check

This is just basic home maintenance. You would re-paint your walls when there are obvious signs of chipping, so why not replace security systems that are no longer up to standard?

The trick is identifying when you need to enhance your security. Which is exactly what we hope to explain to you today. Read on to find out everything you need to know about reaching optimal security levels.

When to improve your home security 

We will start by looking at the best times to do a security audit. The situations we are listing here tend to occur when properties are at their most vulnerable. Remember, burglars are opportunistic – they will always be on the lookout for an easy loot. So don’t make your property look exposed or easy to access, and you will save yourself from much bigger problems.

Without further ado, here are our recommendations.

1. Make a full security audit when you move into a brand new home
This is by far the very best time to improve your home security. You don’t know how many people the previous owner gave keys to, nor do you know whether the security systems in place are otherwise reliable. Install new locks and security systems as soon as you move into a new property to get full peace of mind over who can access your home at any given time.

2. Going on vacation? Time to take precautions

Remember what we said about thieves being opportunistic? It doesn’t matter how long you’re away for, burglars always keep an eye out for properties that look empty. Make sure all your alarms are working and lock everything up, but also find a way to make sure that your property looks occupied while you’re away. We’ll provide you with some tips on doing this later in this blog post.

3. If you’re making renovations, you need to be cautious 
People will be coming in and out of your property, day in and day out. Builders’ tools may be left outside, someone could forget to close a door behind them, or you may just get distracted while tending to numerous deliveries. As you can probably guess, all these factors could make your property more vulnerable to a break-in. Be as vigilant as you can in this situation, and make sure that all valuables are hidden in a safe place.

4. Check everything when the clocks go back after daylight savings
Summer is out, fall is looming in, and with the seasonal change come darker evenings. Incidentally, that tends to be the time where some places may experience a slight increase in burglaries too. So take care during the seasonal change to ensure that all your locks and security systems are in good working condition.

5. Stay put during Christmas/the holiday season
With people rushing to buy presents, heading out of town to visit their families, or otherwise socializing and celebrating the end of another year, properties become even more vulnerable. Not
only because you are out of the house more frequently, but also because of the allure of newly-bought gifts. This is where you need to make sure that nothing in your property is left in full view of thieves.

Now you know the when, let’s focus our attention on the how.

How to ensure your property is protected 

Having the right locks, hardware and security systems is only the beginning. In order to cover all bases, we will focus on a combination of basic checks as well as additions that will keep your home secure.

1. Check your insurance

This is crucial for identifying your current protection demands. It’s worth checking whether your insurance offers that right levels of cover in case your valuables are stolen. Read the fine print, phone up your insurance company to clarify anything you are unsure about, and make sure you know exactly what you’re getting.

2. If you have a good relationship with your neighbors

Suggest them to take turns helping each other out. Think small gestures like watching their property while on vacation (and vice versa), collecting their mail, and so forth – basically, things that would make the house look occupied while they (or you) are away.

3. Protecting the outside

Put any ladders, bikes, or tools away in a locked shed or garage; make sure your front and/or side gates are locked; and install outside lights with motion sensors. Very simple gestures like these can make a deal of a difference.

4. Protecting the inside

If you’re going to be away for a few days, set lights to a timer so it looks like there are people inside; keep any valuables out of sight and away from windows; make sure to close curtains and blinds in the evening. Again, simple precautions that really go the distance.

Reviewing your security 

Now, we get to the specifics. When it comes to increasing your home security, you can readily rely on a licensed and insured locksmith to provide you with everything you need to keep your property protected. Among the various features they could install into your property, you will find these popular – and highly effective – security components:

Locks, deadbolts, and other types of hardware
* Not only for your doors, but for locking up your windows and garages too
Keyless entry systems and CCTV surveillance

* Often these two go hand-in-hand. They are also highly recommended for more control over who can access your property as well as reducing any stress caused by a loss of a house key.
Intercom and alarm systems

* Again, very good deterrents that will help you closely watch over your property

* Whether you need to protect a gun or some valuables, these are guaranteed to do the job. What’s more, because thieves are looking for a quick getaway safes offer a greater sense of deterrence too.

This is just a very brief overview of the different things to look out for. Consult your local locksmith for more information as they can guide you on how to best protect your home. Locksmiths are highly knowledgeable about these things, and may even suggest some ideas which you may not have previously thought about.

Monday, September 12, 2016

When to Contact an Emergency Locksmith

Aurora Master LocksmithYou may be reluctant to contact an emergency locksmith for fear that they will charge you far more than you want to spend. You wouldn’t typically call a locksmith for emergency services simply to make you a spare key. However, there are some times when it simply can’t be helped. When it is necessary to rely on the services of an emergency locksmith, the best thing you can do is make sure you know the name of a dependable, Aurora, CO locksmith who offers 24-hour emergency services, such as, Locksmith in Aurora. In addition to knowing of an emergency locksmith service in Aurora, it might be helpful to have the number of the company stored in your phone. If you’ve found a locksmith that you trust, it might be a good idea to keep their business card in your wallet or glove compartment. Now that you understand just how important it is to have the number of a dependable and trustworthy emergency locksmith handy, you should understand when it is necessary to rely on the services of an emergency locksmith.

Home Lockouts

When you are locked out of your home and no one has a spare key, this is a good time to consider calling on the services of an emergency locksmith. The last thing you should do is break the lock or a window to gain access into your home. This might cost you more than the services of an emergency locksmith. This could give anyone who sees you doing this the wrong idea. Don’t take a chance like this because you may live to regret it. It makes perfect sense to rely on the emergency services of a locksmith when you have locked yourself out of your home late at night. Remaining outside could pose a threat to your safety. This is why it is important to always have the name and number of a trustworthy locksmith available. If someone else lives in your home with you, it might not be necessary to contact an emergency locksmith service. You may just have to be patient until they get home. If you have misplaced your keys or lost them and cannot get inside, it might be necessary to have a locksmith rekey your locks in case someone has your keys.

If you have damaged keys that you have been meaning to get fixed or a new one made but haven’t gotten around to doing it, you might need to rely on the services of an emergency locksmith. They will generally be able to come to wherever you are to make you another key on the spot. In fact, most 24-hour emergency locksmith services offer mobile services.


If a family member or a roommate should happen to move out of your place on bad terms, you don’t want to take chances of them coming back. This would be a good time to rely on the services of an emergency locksmith to come and change the locks of your home. If you have experienced a bad break-up or have had to put someone

out of a rental property, again, an emergency locksmith is appropriate in these cases. It is important that you remain safe inside your home and that you keep your house safe. An emergency locksmith service can surely come in handy in such circumstances.

When a Break-in Occurs

When an emergency locksmith service is called out after a home has been burglarized this is an incident that will be addressed before a home lock-out. This is because someone’s life is now in jeopardy. The emergency locksmith will need to go secure the area that has been damaged in order to gain entry. Even if no damage has occurred, it is still important to secure the area. Obviously, the form of security wasn’t very secure and something more durable needs to be installed in order to avoid another break-in. Most locksmith service providers understand how shook a person can become after experiencing a break-in. They will know exactly what to do to make sure you’re feeling safe again inside your home. If you would like for them to add additional security features, they will be happy to oblige. Whatever it takes to make you feel secure in your home again, they will be happy to do. The locksmith is also helpful in letting you know why the burglar was able to gain access and thus advise you of how to avoid this from happening again.

An emergency locksmith service is not called upon to act as the police. They are simply a source to provide you with the services you need in a unfortunate situation. If your home has been broken into, remember to always contact the police first so that you are able to make a police report. In some cases, the police may need to speak with the locksmith who was called out to assist with securing the property again. They might prove helpful in apprehending the thief.

If you’re concerned with the expenses incurred by contacting an emergency locksmith, just take certain precautions to ensure that you do not have to. However, even with planning, some things simply can’t be avoided. You’ll have peace-of-mind if you know the name of a trustworthy and reliable 24-hour emergency locksmith service in Aurora. Many of the service emergency locksmiths will work with you if you explain that you are having trouble coming up with the fee for their emergency services. They may work with another locksmith who lives closer to where you are and can contact them on your behalf. Sometimes it is just the mileage that you can’t afford and if they can help find someone to assist you, most of them will. Even if they can’t get your business, chances are you won’t forget the way they helped you when you were low on funds. Therefore, never be reluctant to contact an emergency locksmith even when you don’t think you’ll be able to afford the services.

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