Monday, November 7, 2016

Finding the Right Locks for Home and Business

With the amount of different locks that there are so choose from, you might find it difficult to find the right lock for your needs. If you live in or around Aurora, CO, you can count on the expert locksmiths of Aurora Master Locksmith to provide you with the help that you need in determining which type of lock to have installed. We would advise you to take some time to at least read about the different types of locks that you can choose from before you decide on a particular type. While we encourage you to do your research, we know that it can be rather time consuming when you have absolutely no idea what is available to you. We have simplified this process for you by highlighting some of the most popular types of home and business locks used today. You might already have lever, deadbolt, knob or padlock lock on your doors but not know how they work. Read below for additional information.

Deadbolt Locks

You’ll be able to choose between three types of deadbolt locks. There is a single, double or thumb turn deadbolt lock. It is the single cylinder lock that you will found installed in most homes. A key cylinder is used on the outside of the door with the thumb turn inside. This is what helps you open the door. You will be required to have a key in order to open either side of the door. This could be problematic if there is an emergency and you need to make a quick exit. The problem would result when you are unable to locate one of the keys. A thumb turn lock has both the single and double cylinder. This type of deadbolt lock can be locked with the use of a key.

Rim Locks/Mortise Locks

This type of lock is usually used on doors of commercial businesses or apartments. The two locks are similar in some regards but they use different hardware. A rim cylinder lock is installed on the inside of a door. There is a long piece that shoots out the back of the lock and connects to the locking mechanism on the other side. The mortise lock uses hardware on the inside. A cam is used to connect the locking mechanism and is kept together with a set of screws. Mortise locks come in different lengths and cams, based on the type of hardware the lock has.


A padlock is made of strong, sturdy materials but is not a permanent lock. This type of lock can be removed and placed on other things, as needed. There are keyed padlocks and combination padlocks. With a combination padlock, you are required to enter a specific set of numbers in order to disengage the lock. They come in rekeyable and non-rekeyable. This means that with the rekeyable lock, it can be changed but the none-rekeyable lock will not enable you to do this (change the lock).
Knob Locks

This is what you’ll find on most home locks. They shouldn’t be used as your main lock. The lock cylinder is not on the inside of the door rather it is inside the knob. This makes it easy to break. While you see this type of lock on the outside of many homes, at Aurora Master Locksmith we suggest you have this type of lock installed on the inside doors of your home. We also recommend that when it is used on your home that there is also a deadbolt lock on the same door.
Wall Mounted Lock

Used for most commercial businesses, a wall mounted lock can be used for storing small items, such as, keys. This type of lock is often installed during the building process. Some even have alarm sensors, which alert you to unauthorized entry.

Interchangeable Core Cylinder Lock

Large businesses have this type of lock installed and is known for their convenience. Re-keying is possible without taking the whole key apart. We only need to change the core to change the lock. Two keys open this type of lock a control key and traditional key. It is also convenient because you don’t have to change the hardware to change the lock. Unlike most other locks, you cannot install a deadbolt lock alongside an interchangeable core cylinder. They simply do not work together.

Lever Handle Lock

We install this type of lock on the inside of a lot of commercial businesses. They give customers or clients easy and convenient access by just pushing down on the handle and opening the door. 

Jimmy Proof Deadbolts

This is a lock that is installed on apartment doors. It cannot be modified too much. It isn’t easy to break this type of lock because it connects to the jamb bracket. While it isn’t easy to break, it is simple to have installed. It is screwed to the inside of your door. A hole is made to install the rim cylinder. 

Rim Latch Locks

There is a surface mount latch on one side with a rim cylinder on the other. You’ll also find this type of lock in apartments. This isn’t the type of lock that you’ll want to use as your primary lock without using something like a deadbolt along with it.

Don’t take this decision lightly. Let a qualified and experience locksmith help you make your final decision about the type of locks to have installed. It is possible to find a key in your price range that is durable enough to withstand the attempt of a break in. Let a locksmith technician know what you’re looking for in terms of the type of lock that would be best for you and your family. If you need convenience, let the locksmith know that is what is most important to you. If you need locks that can be easily re-keyed, they can steer you in the right direction. You only have to ask and they will be happy to help.

Monday, October 3, 2016

What Locksmiths Do

What Locksmiths Do

Locksmiths fill a real need; they install, repair, service and maintain locks, keys and locking hardware for anything that needs securing. That’s a formal sounding definition of a locksmith but there has to be more to it than that! There is; keep reading to see how using a locksmith can make your life more convenient and safer as early as today.

Here in Aurora, CO there are many locksmith technicians and shops in the metro area; ours included. Aurora Master Locksmith is proud to be a part of this amazing community, and our many customers also appreciate having us here and working with them to secure their lives on a round the clock basis and at the best prices.

Automotive Locksmiths

Who hasn’t locked their keys in the ignition or trunk at least once in their life? No matter how careful you are, if you are the slightest bit distracted, this can happen to you! Our Aurora Master Locksmith experts get requests for auto lockout help on a regular basis and have for years. An automotive locksmith does more than just help you gain access back to your car. He (or she) also can cut keys, program transponder chips, unlock doors, install locks, service alarms, repair break-in damage, duplicate transponders, open trunks and lots more! From ignition cylinder replacement to keyless entry service, a good automotive locksmith provides the services and products needed to help you drive safer and on-demand.

You may be wondering if calling a repair shop or your car dealer is better than working with a locksmith. That’s an honest and good question. It really depends on what you need. If you just need a key cut and it doesn’t involve a transponder chip, then using a home improvement store or mail center to duplicate your key is just fine. For more specialized performance like ignition change outs or emergency trunk unlocking, do the smart thing and work with a licensed, bonded and insured locksmith. By doing this you will avoid the expense and aggravation of a middle man and their mark ups. After all; that’s what your car dealer will do. If your car won’t run as in the case of ignition problems, your dealer will order tow service and then call their locksmith to fix the problem. Guess who winds up paying much more than needed? That’s right – YOU! Plus, many Aurora, CO locksmiths offer 24-hour service that is both mobile and responsive.

Residential Locksmiths

You wouldn’t think of leaving your home unlocked all day while you are at work, or on vacation, would you? Of course not! We use locks and keys at home to help secure our property and the valuables that it contains. Look around your home and grounds and see just how many locking mechanisms there are. Were you surprised? You have front and back doors, windows, cabinets, sheds, interior bedroom doors, desks, guest houses, bathrooms, garage doors, mailboxes, clothing trunks and dozens more! A good locksmith can service every one of these locks along with key cutting, alarm service and 24-hour lockout help. 

Aurora Master Locksmith is a huge proponent of home security and safety; after all, we are a family business so we reflect those values. You can call us for free consultations, free price quotes and 24/7 emergency service so be sure to add our shop telephone number into your smart phone contacts!

Emergency Locksmiths

A responsive 24-hour emergency locksmith should be in everyone’s smart phone! Gone are the days of pay phone booths and their attached yellow page directories with half the sheets torn out. You never know when you’ll lock the keys in the trunk or come home to crime damaged door locks. It’s smart to be able to simply tap to call on your mobile device and have a fully licensed, insured and bonded professional leave quickly for your location. Minutes count when having a locksmith emergency! Be sure to work with a shop that offers mobile assistance, affordable prices and real locksmith professionals. Of course you can always just call Aurora Master Locksmith as we provide all that and more.

Commercial Locksmiths

The Aurora, CO metro area is home to thousands of businesses and even though each one is unique and has different security needs, all can be effectively serviced by an established commercial locksmith. It’s not just your business location that needs securing; so do your customers, your staff, your cash and credit cards and of course, your inventory or goods. Commercial locksmiths like Aurora Master Locksmith can help secure and protect dry cleaners, restaurants, apartment rentals, attorneys, car washes, shoe stores, 24-hour storage rentals, fast food locations, convenience stores, plumbers, home builders, flower shops, furniture outlets and hundreds more. Be sure and choose a business lock and key shop that offers free price quotes and experienced lock technicians as technology changes rapidly and you want up to date help whenever you call. Be sure to take advantage of any tax deductions that as a business owner or operator you are entitled to. Many times lock and key improvements made to and on behalf of your business can be written off so check with your tax advisor and keep track of these for maximum benefit!

Many Benefits

There are so many benefits to working with a professional locksmith. The greatest one just may be peace of mind. Knowing that you are dealing with a licensed and experienced lock professional allows you to breathe easier and relax as you now have 24-hour access to true security expertise. When your locksmith shop of choice also offers honest service, affordable prices and quick, same day appointments, it makes working with them all the sweeter! One of the many reasons our local customers love working with Aurora Master Locksmith is our ability to “put our money where our mouth is” and deliver a quality and honest locksmith experience at home, on the road, or at your business. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Keys, wallet, and phone. That’s what’s always in the back of our mind when we walk out the door. And we always remember...until that one time...when we forget! Oh no! Locked out again!

The first thing to do is to call that trusted friend or family member who always keeps that spare set of keys for you. If you don’t have a person like that set up already, then you will have to look for a door or window left open, so you can get back in. 

Whether you’re stranded from your place of residence, your car, or your business ~ it’s certainly infuriating, and never convenient, particularly after dark. You may find yourself worrying and wondering if the help you need will ever come at all, but don’t waste your time getting upset. Should you really consider breaking a window, and risk being mistaken for a burglar? Of course not. It’s vital to plan ahead so you can avoid this scenario altogether!

Before such an emergency happens, find a reliable locksmith. The best way you can track down a legitimate local locksmith is to find one ahead of time, before you actually need one. It’s important to do your homework beforehand to avoid getting scammed or overcharged.

Ask people you trust for their locksmith recommendations.
Word of mouth from satisfied customers is always your best bet. 

Find a local, dependable locksmith company. If you can’t get a good recommendation, do some responsible research, using the phone book or on the Internet. Write down the names of the potential reputable locksmith companies in your area, with their phone numbers and addresses. Choose those locksmiths which specialize in the services you require. When you see a street address, confirm that it truly belongs to that locksmith. Sometimes, a disreputable company will list a fake address, claiming to be local but it’s not. You can match up a phone number with a street address using the Web. If someone answers the phone with a generic greeting such as “locksmith services,” rather than with the company name, be sure to ask for the legal name of the business. If the person refuses, just go on to the next one. Keep in mind that some perfectly acceptable locksmith companies may not include a street address on their advertisements, because their business is mobile, dispatching a professional locksmith that’s local to you. So, if an address isn’t given, simply ask why. You can check with the Better Business Bureau to verify if there are any complaints on file. You can also ask your local consumer protection agency, and your state’s attorney general’s office.

Are you locked out of your vehicle? If you’re a member of a roadside assistance organization, it’s best to call them first. Roadside assistance companies keep their own good list of pre-approved subcontractors. In this case, you’ll already know that they can be trusted to properly perform standard services such as unlocking your vehicle, giving you a jump, and so on. 

If you don’t have a roadside assistance membership, then seek an automotive locksmith who specializes in such services as replacing your car keys and car locks, programming transponder keys, installing a new ignition cylinder, and so forth.

If you’re stranded any place in Aurora, Colorado, you may want to hire Aurora Master Locksmith, where mobile professional locksmith technicians on staff work around the clock providing emergency, automotive, commercial or residential locksmith services.

Whatever the circumstances, always request an estimate. Even for emergency locksmith services, before you allow any work to take place, get a written total quote including labor, parts if applicable, and any fees. If you’re locked out ~ of your home, your automobile, or your commercial property ~ a legitimate locksmith will tell you over the phone either an exact or approximate estimate of the total cost. There may be a minimum fee; there might be an extra charge if it’s after hours; there might be a mileage charge; etc. If the price the locksmith gives you upon arrival isn’t the same as the estimate you got over the phone, then say thanks but no thanks.

Check the locksmith’s credentials.
When the locksmith arrives, ask for identification, for a business card, and for proof of a license. The locksmith’s invoice should include the company name. Verify that the locksmith’s vehicle has a name on it matching the business card and the invoice. For acceptable security procedures, the locksmith must also request your identification to absolutely verify your identity. Furthermore, before any work can begin, you’ll need to show that you’re the actual property owner, whether of your home, car, or commercial property.

Be skeptical of any locksmith’s claim that replacement or drilling of a lock is necessary. A consummate professional locksmith will bring the right tools, and possess the sufficient experience and knowledge to realize that such extreme moves are overkill. A genuine expert locksmith is highly skilled, able to unlock just about anything.

A top locksmith is thoroughly background-checked, appropriately insured, officially licensed, and properly bonded. If your property were to be damaged in any way during a service call, or if the locksmith were to do faulty work, the locksmith must have insurance. Therefore, be sure to ask if there is a warranty.

When you’ve found a reputable locksmith
, keep that particular company’s information on hand for future reference ~ in a logical spot such as your refrigerator, your smart phone, your wallet, and the break room’s bulletin board at work. Then you’ll always be able to get out of trouble quickly should any problems with keys and locks arise ~ residential, automotive, or commercial.

Whether you need a skilled locksmith for a one-time job, or you need to hire an expert locksmith specialist to work on a large-scale project, you don’t want to give permission to just anyone when it comes to resolving lock and key issues. The best locksmiths will be happy to answer all your questions and concerns.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Aurora Master Locksmith: Signs Better Home Security is Needed

Protecting your property is highly important. Aurora Master Locksmith strongly recommends all homeowners, whether you live in Aurora, CO, or anywhere else in the world, to regularly keep all of their security in check

This is just basic home maintenance. You would re-paint your walls when there are obvious signs of chipping, so why not replace security systems that are no longer up to standard?

The trick is identifying when you need to enhance your security. Which is exactly what we hope to explain to you today. Read on to find out everything you need to know about reaching optimal security levels.

When to improve your home security 

We will start by looking at the best times to do a security audit. The situations we are listing here tend to occur when properties are at their most vulnerable. Remember, burglars are opportunistic – they will always be on the lookout for an easy loot. So don’t make your property look exposed or easy to access, and you will save yourself from much bigger problems.

Without further ado, here are our recommendations.

1. Make a full security audit when you move into a brand new home
This is by far the very best time to improve your home security. You don’t know how many people the previous owner gave keys to, nor do you know whether the security systems in place are otherwise reliable. Install new locks and security systems as soon as you move into a new property to get full peace of mind over who can access your home at any given time.

2. Going on vacation? Time to take precautions

Remember what we said about thieves being opportunistic? It doesn’t matter how long you’re away for, burglars always keep an eye out for properties that look empty. Make sure all your alarms are working and lock everything up, but also find a way to make sure that your property looks occupied while you’re away. We’ll provide you with some tips on doing this later in this blog post.

3. If you’re making renovations, you need to be cautious 
People will be coming in and out of your property, day in and day out. Builders’ tools may be left outside, someone could forget to close a door behind them, or you may just get distracted while tending to numerous deliveries. As you can probably guess, all these factors could make your property more vulnerable to a break-in. Be as vigilant as you can in this situation, and make sure that all valuables are hidden in a safe place.

4. Check everything when the clocks go back after daylight savings
Summer is out, fall is looming in, and with the seasonal change come darker evenings. Incidentally, that tends to be the time where some places may experience a slight increase in burglaries too. So take care during the seasonal change to ensure that all your locks and security systems are in good working condition.

5. Stay put during Christmas/the holiday season
With people rushing to buy presents, heading out of town to visit their families, or otherwise socializing and celebrating the end of another year, properties become even more vulnerable. Not
only because you are out of the house more frequently, but also because of the allure of newly-bought gifts. This is where you need to make sure that nothing in your property is left in full view of thieves.

Now you know the when, let’s focus our attention on the how.

How to ensure your property is protected 

Having the right locks, hardware and security systems is only the beginning. In order to cover all bases, we will focus on a combination of basic checks as well as additions that will keep your home secure.

1. Check your insurance

This is crucial for identifying your current protection demands. It’s worth checking whether your insurance offers that right levels of cover in case your valuables are stolen. Read the fine print, phone up your insurance company to clarify anything you are unsure about, and make sure you know exactly what you’re getting.

2. If you have a good relationship with your neighbors

Suggest them to take turns helping each other out. Think small gestures like watching their property while on vacation (and vice versa), collecting their mail, and so forth – basically, things that would make the house look occupied while they (or you) are away.

3. Protecting the outside

Put any ladders, bikes, or tools away in a locked shed or garage; make sure your front and/or side gates are locked; and install outside lights with motion sensors. Very simple gestures like these can make a deal of a difference.

4. Protecting the inside

If you’re going to be away for a few days, set lights to a timer so it looks like there are people inside; keep any valuables out of sight and away from windows; make sure to close curtains and blinds in the evening. Again, simple precautions that really go the distance.

Reviewing your security 

Now, we get to the specifics. When it comes to increasing your home security, you can readily rely on a licensed and insured locksmith to provide you with everything you need to keep your property protected. Among the various features they could install into your property, you will find these popular – and highly effective – security components:

Locks, deadbolts, and other types of hardware
* Not only for your doors, but for locking up your windows and garages too
Keyless entry systems and CCTV surveillance

* Often these two go hand-in-hand. They are also highly recommended for more control over who can access your property as well as reducing any stress caused by a loss of a house key.
Intercom and alarm systems

* Again, very good deterrents that will help you closely watch over your property

* Whether you need to protect a gun or some valuables, these are guaranteed to do the job. What’s more, because thieves are looking for a quick getaway safes offer a greater sense of deterrence too.

This is just a very brief overview of the different things to look out for. Consult your local locksmith for more information as they can guide you on how to best protect your home. Locksmiths are highly knowledgeable about these things, and may even suggest some ideas which you may not have previously thought about.

Monday, September 12, 2016

When to Contact an Emergency Locksmith

Aurora Master LocksmithYou may be reluctant to contact an emergency locksmith for fear that they will charge you far more than you want to spend. You wouldn’t typically call a locksmith for emergency services simply to make you a spare key. However, there are some times when it simply can’t be helped. When it is necessary to rely on the services of an emergency locksmith, the best thing you can do is make sure you know the name of a dependable, Aurora, CO locksmith who offers 24-hour emergency services, such as, Locksmith in Aurora. In addition to knowing of an emergency locksmith service in Aurora, it might be helpful to have the number of the company stored in your phone. If you’ve found a locksmith that you trust, it might be a good idea to keep their business card in your wallet or glove compartment. Now that you understand just how important it is to have the number of a dependable and trustworthy emergency locksmith handy, you should understand when it is necessary to rely on the services of an emergency locksmith.

Home Lockouts

When you are locked out of your home and no one has a spare key, this is a good time to consider calling on the services of an emergency locksmith. The last thing you should do is break the lock or a window to gain access into your home. This might cost you more than the services of an emergency locksmith. This could give anyone who sees you doing this the wrong idea. Don’t take a chance like this because you may live to regret it. It makes perfect sense to rely on the emergency services of a locksmith when you have locked yourself out of your home late at night. Remaining outside could pose a threat to your safety. This is why it is important to always have the name and number of a trustworthy locksmith available. If someone else lives in your home with you, it might not be necessary to contact an emergency locksmith service. You may just have to be patient until they get home. If you have misplaced your keys or lost them and cannot get inside, it might be necessary to have a locksmith rekey your locks in case someone has your keys.

If you have damaged keys that you have been meaning to get fixed or a new one made but haven’t gotten around to doing it, you might need to rely on the services of an emergency locksmith. They will generally be able to come to wherever you are to make you another key on the spot. In fact, most 24-hour emergency locksmith services offer mobile services.


If a family member or a roommate should happen to move out of your place on bad terms, you don’t want to take chances of them coming back. This would be a good time to rely on the services of an emergency locksmith to come and change the locks of your home. If you have experienced a bad break-up or have had to put someone

out of a rental property, again, an emergency locksmith is appropriate in these cases. It is important that you remain safe inside your home and that you keep your house safe. An emergency locksmith service can surely come in handy in such circumstances.

When a Break-in Occurs

When an emergency locksmith service is called out after a home has been burglarized this is an incident that will be addressed before a home lock-out. This is because someone’s life is now in jeopardy. The emergency locksmith will need to go secure the area that has been damaged in order to gain entry. Even if no damage has occurred, it is still important to secure the area. Obviously, the form of security wasn’t very secure and something more durable needs to be installed in order to avoid another break-in. Most locksmith service providers understand how shook a person can become after experiencing a break-in. They will know exactly what to do to make sure you’re feeling safe again inside your home. If you would like for them to add additional security features, they will be happy to oblige. Whatever it takes to make you feel secure in your home again, they will be happy to do. The locksmith is also helpful in letting you know why the burglar was able to gain access and thus advise you of how to avoid this from happening again.

An emergency locksmith service is not called upon to act as the police. They are simply a source to provide you with the services you need in a unfortunate situation. If your home has been broken into, remember to always contact the police first so that you are able to make a police report. In some cases, the police may need to speak with the locksmith who was called out to assist with securing the property again. They might prove helpful in apprehending the thief.

If you’re concerned with the expenses incurred by contacting an emergency locksmith, just take certain precautions to ensure that you do not have to. However, even with planning, some things simply can’t be avoided. You’ll have peace-of-mind if you know the name of a trustworthy and reliable 24-hour emergency locksmith service in Aurora. Many of the service emergency locksmiths will work with you if you explain that you are having trouble coming up with the fee for their emergency services. They may work with another locksmith who lives closer to where you are and can contact them on your behalf. Sometimes it is just the mileage that you can’t afford and if they can help find someone to assist you, most of them will. Even if they can’t get your business, chances are you won’t forget the way they helped you when you were low on funds. Therefore, never be reluctant to contact an emergency locksmith even when you don’t think you’ll be able to afford the services.

Aricle source here: When to Contact an Emergency Locksmith

Monday, August 15, 2016


Your Aurora, CO business has assets that need protecting. Whether you run a nail salon or a restaurant, you have commercial property that needs to be safe, secure and protected from the elements as well as from burglars, intruders or even competitors. One great way to accomplish this is to use a commercial safe. Any local business can be a target for problems and these perils can take many forms, not always human! A solid commercial safe can protect your valuables from burglars, fire, flood, wind, internal theft, reporters, competitors, even former spouses and detectives!


You name it; the safe is perfect for it! Many Aurora, CO businesses that are cash intensive use commercial safes to place cash until needed or until the manager or owner can bundle it and mark it for deposit. Credit card slips, receipts, vouchers, gift cards and other forms of currency can also be kept there until needed. Keeping too much cash in money drawers or cash registers is not smart and can be an invitation for robbery or even violence as burglars are eager for quick cash and a fast get away. Excess cash is also an invitation for employee or even customers to “help themselves” when no one is looking. Why expose any of these people to temptation? A commercial safe is the perfect place to keep your money until it can be deposited in the bank or taken to another vault.

Currency is not all that can be kept in a commercial safe. Deeds, certificates, vouchers, receipts and other important documents can also be stored there. These can include insurance papers, warranties, medical records, accounting files, customer records, appraisals and more! Items like stock certificates, rare photos, leases and other legal documents all need a secure and dry place to be kept until needed. There are hundreds of types of commercial businesses and each one can benefit from having and using a well-built and installed commercial safe.


Hollywood often makes us think of wall safes, floor safes and other James Bond type of safes. Many firms indeed have and use these very safes. Here at Aurora Master Locksmith we offer a vast assortment of commercial safes including different and varied models of the above. Some floor safes are designed to simply open with a combination lock and have just enough room inside to drop your cash deposits and coins in. A simple lid replacement and a quick spin of the lock and your money is secured until needed. Other forms include mailbox drop safes, rotary hopper safes, drop drawer safes, under the counter safes, deposit slot safes, fire and security safes and many more. Not sure which is right for your Aurora, CO business? No problem; just call our

Aurora Locksmith Master shop and get one of our free commercial locksmith consultations. We’ll take the time to help you decide which of your many options is best for your firm and its needs. Along with your free consultation, we offer free, no obligation price quotes and expert, fast service.


All businesses are unique and have different needs and requirements when it comes to protecting cash, valuables and other important documents. A fast food restaurant will have different cash protection needs than an art gallery where most transactions are done by credit card or wire transfer. Before investing in a commercial safe it’s best to evaluate just what your safe will be protecting. One example is the mailbox drop box safe. Many cash intensive firms use these so that employees can simply drop cash, receipts or other deposits without having to actually open a safe door or use a combination. Only senior managers or the owners have the ability to completely open the safe to remove its contents. This keeps deposited cash safer from employee theft, pilfering and simple robbery as the staff doesn’t have access to the actual safe’s contents but can only make deposits.

Under the counter safes can be installed so that staff has easier access and greater convenience without having to get inside the manager’s or owner’s office or floor safe. Does your business deal with data or other media devices? In this high-tech age, many firms now have to protect hard drives, flash drives, servers and other forms of valuable data and media information that is very susceptible to heat, theft, smoke and other forms of corruption. Media and data safes are becoming increasingly popular as they are temperature controlled and definitely worth investing in if you have valuable data that needs to be secure.  Other safe types include electronic safes, fireproof safes, biometric fingerprint safes, commercial gun safes and dozens more.


Yes, shopping for the right commercial safe can be a bit daunting. Be sure to read reviews from other safe buyers and owners and don’t be fooled by reviews put out by manufacturers as they usually slant their bias toward their own inventory. Check Amazon, Angie’s List and E-bay for both new and used pricing and reviews. You’ll generally spend more money if you go through a brick and mortar safe store instead of calling a licensed and bonded commercial locksmith store here in Aurora, CO. Be sure to inquire about delivery, installation and warranty coverage as they are often priced extra and quotes can be deceiving if these items are not included.  It’s always to good idea to ask questions and let the safe professional or commercial locksmith know what kind of business you operate and just what you want the primary purpose of the safe to be. Don’t be afraid to let them know your budget requirements and just who at your firm will have access to your safe.

You can save valuable time and money by calling Aurora Master Locksmith and discussing your commercial safe needs with our experienced and licensed professionals.



In general, whenever we think about home security, what usually comes to mind is an alarm system. This is indeed an effective way to protect your home. But there are many other ways to secure your home, which you can take care of yourself, or hire an expert to do, without spending too much money. No home can be made completely impermeable, so the goal is basically to discourage a burglar, making it more difficult for someone to break in.

First, some basic rules:
* Don’t answer the door, unless you know the person. (If you don’t have a peephole, get one installed.)
* Whenever you go out, and before going to bed, lock your doors and windows.
* Keep your garage door closed and locked.

Additional lines of defense:

Reinforce the doors. A hollow door is of lower quality and therefore easier to penetrate. Put in solid-core doors made of wood or metal.

Replace weak locks. Deadbolts will always provide extra security. Be sure to get a grade 2 deadbolt lock, which effectively penetrates the doorframe. Heavy-duty is tougher and better.

If you have an air conditioner, you can prevent a criminal from getting through an unsecured window by using an air-conditioner bracket, sliding window lock, or corner braces.

Make it difficult for an intruder to hide. Avoid thick and tall shrubs around your doors and windows, and also avoid having tall fences.

Don’t keep keys and remotes near the door, or otherwise visible to anyone outside your home. Keep them hidden inside a cupboard or a drawer.

Don’t keep a “hidden” house key. Most burglars will find your key under the mat or inside your mailbox. Even if you have a keyholder disguised as a rock, expert burglars will already recognize it. Instead, give an extra key to a trusted neighbor for safekeeping.

Don’t leave ladders outside. A burglar can pretend to be a handyman or contractor, and easily use your ladder to gain entry through a window on the second floor or balcony.

Install good exterior lighting. You can also put them on a timer. Put these lights at the front door and/or porch, back door, basement door, and garage entrance. Motion sensor floodlights are ideal, because anytime anyone passes nearby, they’ll illuminate, so the trespasser cannot hide. Some are even made to respond to changes in temperature, light, or sound. Some can be connected to your smart device so you can detect any undesirable activity and respond immediately.

Keep some indoor lights on, too, whenever you’re away. Furthermore, when you’re out for the day, or away for an extended period, you can make it look like someone’s at home by using timers on your lights, radios, and televisions. Nowadays, you can even monitor and control activities with a mobile app, so you can keep your home seemingly occupied all while you’re gone.

Don’t stand out too much. Professional thieves case the neighborhood before pulling a job, so they’ll know when each person’s comings and goings. If they know that you’re home during the day, they’ll likely move on to the next house. Compare your home to the others in your neighborhood, and adjust your appearance accordingly. Put forth the look of responsibility and upkeep, but don’t be too obvious.

Outside, don’t keep valuables in plain sight, obvious evidence that you have things for robbers to steal. Keep your top-of-the-line car safe inside the garage.

Inside, be creative about hiding valuables. Keep your blinds closed if you have exceptional possessions. Stash jewelry, cash, and other treasures in unexpected locations.

Avoid having windows on or near doors. They’re easily broken for quick entry. If you have any sliding-glass doors, even if they’re locked with a latch, they can often be easy for a burglar to open. You can make them more secure by putting a wooden dowel cut to size, or an adjustable safety bar, in the floor track. You can also add a floor bolt.

A barking dog can often be a good deterrent. While you’re away, you could even play a recording of a dog barking, and put up a big sign that says, “BEWARE OF DOG”!

Posting any sign at your front door is often enough to keep people away: “NO TRESPASSING” is basic, but you could be more imaginative, with something like, “Owner Has Gun, Will Shoot.”

You may want to purchase a home safe, especially one anchored to the floor, for one-of-a-kind valuables, important documents, and emergency cash. The best are fireproof and waterproof.

Consider adding gate entry. Depending on your location, you may want to add a security gate to monitor the movement of everyone who comes in. You can install a simple intercom system, a keypad, or something more sophisticated, giving individuals an appropriate level of security clearance based upon a list of criteria you establish.

Invest in surveillance cameras if you feel the need. There are many different types, depending upon your needs and budget. Consider image resolution, and other technical aspects of your system’s setup. Will you want to record and keep 24/7 video footage? Will it be necessary to include sophisticated software that has specific capture capabilities ~ such as time and date stamp code, facial recognition, vehicle number plate recognition, as well as high-security monitoring and access control functions? Most people won’t go this far, but it really depends upon your property, your area, and your pocketbook. When anyone who has criminal intentions, vandals, or arsonists see the level of your building’s access control system, they’ll think twice and move on.

There are still more ways to enhance your home’s security, most that are easy to take care of, and relatively affordable. To find out more about your options, if you’re located anywhere in Aurora, Colorado, it’s a good idea to request a free consultation from a reputable locksmith company. Aurora Master Locksmith, for example has staff mobile locksmith professionals available 24/7, happy to assist you.


Monday, May 30, 2016

The Benefits of Keyless Entry Systems

You may have heard about keyless entry systems before, as these have become increasingly popular in recent years. As the name suggests, these high-tech security systems allow you to access a property without a traditional key. They are versatile and diverse, and well suited for many different property types. In fact, there are even keyless entry systems for vehicles.

There are many reasons why Aurora, CO, locals may consider going keyless. They may have too many keys to carry, needing to constantly fumble through their belongings just to find the right one to open their door. They may not feel secure keeping a spare key stashed under the carpet, or hidden elsewhere outside for emergency situations. It may be that they have a constant flow of tenants and need to find a hassle free way to let them in. Or, it could be that someone who is no longer trustworthy has access to their property through a spare key.

And these are just residential reasons. Business owners may be looking to improve their security after a break-in, car owners may want to restrict access to their vehicles as a means to prevent theft. The possibilities are endless, but the benefits keyless systems can bring will be worth it every time.

Locksmiths in Aurora, CO, recommend all locals to consider protecting themselves using this type of technology. Why? That is what we are here to tell you. No matter what type of property you are trying to protect, keyless entry systems are a guaranteed to improve your security.

We have already hinted at some of the main reasons to consider keyless systems, but here is a breakdown of the benefits you can expect.

They are very easy to install and use

You can probably guess that keyless systems are quite intuitive. They are very easy to install as they operate using standalone systems that require no wiring. For residential and commercial properties, keypads can be very easy to set up, for instance, being fitted like a standard doorknob over a deadbolt, and will provide you with the ease of creating and changing your passcodes as needed. And there is never any need to worry about forgetting your passcode, as most keyless packages include passkeys to provide you with extra peace of mind in case you are unable to access your property through the installed keypad system.

Safety and security are guaranteed

One of the biggest issues with carrying keys around is that these can easily get lost. And if you lose them, you will not be able to know who can access your property. A keyless entry system will save you from this issue, enabling you to control who can get into your residence, commercial property, or even your vehicle. On top of that, these systems provide you with the assurance that nobody will be able to get hold of a copy of your keys without your knowledge, further restricting access to your properties and increasing your control over your personal security.

Especially when it comes to vehicles, keyless systems have proven to be a great theft deterrent. It is much more difficult to enter and operate a keyless car, as these are especially programed to resist attempts to get into them without the right code. For residences and commercial properties, keyless systems can also deter break-ins, as thieves will not have locks to pry into. Simply said, keyless entry systems for all property types and vehicles enhance your protection because the restrictions will discourage your typical everyday burglar from trying to get in, as they prefer to target much simpler to enter properties.

Hiring a locksmith to install your new keyless system

When it comes to installing keyless systems – be it for your car, home or office building – we recommend that Aurora, CO, locals get in touch with a qualified locksmith. Aurora Master Locksmith fits the bill, but if you use their services or another, a licensed and insured locksmith service provider will have all the right training, tools, experience and equipment required for the job, and will provide you with all the security packages that you need for very affordable prices.

Most locksmiths offer free consultations, and will provide a full price quote for services upon request. Make full use of this when looking for your ideal keyless entry system. Schedule an appointment with a locally-based locksmith and ask them about the different keyless options they have available. They should be able to guide you through all the services they have on offer, including the pros and cons of each option, ultimately helping you make a fully informed decision about your security.

Once you are happy with your chosen Aurora, CO, locksmith service provider and the keyless solutions they have offered, they will install these for you right away. A trusted locksmith understands that security issues need to be handled in a very efficient manner, so you are sure to get professional and precise installations performed reasonably quickly. And if you experience any issues after this, they should be at your service 24/7 to take care of the most urgent situations.

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Fort McMurray wildfire: Locksmith comes to cats’ rescue during evacuation

Not everyone who owned a home in the path of the wildfire that burned through several Fort McMurray neighbourhoods was home at the time the mandatory evacuation order came down Tuesday afternoon.

So when local locksmith Chris Inger saw a Facebook post from a fellow Fort McMurrian, stuck at a work site north of the city and worried about three cats trapped at home, he stepped up with the tools of his trade to help.

Inger was in the midst of getting ready to flee the city with his fiancé when he saw the plea for help on the Fort McMurray Anything Goes Facebook group — where he was turning to for updates on the fire.

He told the cats’ owner he could swing by and unlock the home, but would leave the door open for someone else to swing by and pick up the three cats. But when no one offered to do that, Inger dropped everything once again.

He even made arrangements for people to travel in another car, so he could have space to evacuate the cats.

“The whole city, by that time, was under mandatory evacuation,” he said. “So, I went to the traffic again and picked them up on the way out.”

This was at a time when some 88,000 people were trying to flee the city at once and vehicles were backed up along Highway 63 — the main route out of town.

But Inger got back to the home and he and his fiancé rounded up the three cats, with only a couple scratches from a kitten that wasn’t quite ready to leave.

“Before you know it, we got three cats and kitty litter in our car, which was not really expected,” he told Global News in a phone interview from Edmonton, where he’s now staying until they find out when or if they can return home.

Locksmith Chris Inger jumped stepped up to the plate to help a fellow Fort McMurrian who couldn’t get home to save his cats during the wildfire evacuation.

Locksmith Chris Inger jumped stepped up to the plate to help a fellow Fort McMurrian who couldn’t get home to save his cats during the wildfire evacuation.

Chris Inger via Reddit

With the cats’ owner stuck up north of the city, Inger made arrangements to meet the man’s brother along the way, in Wandering River — where the couple spent the night in their car. Caught in the traffic, it took about 13 hours to make the four-hour drive to Edmonton.

Settled in to temporary lodging, Inger posted a photo of the three cats he rescued on Reddit — to share a small “silver lining” kind of story amid all the tragedy.

He didn’t expect the story to get the reaction it did.

“It’s too early to cry about how amazing you are for saving those kitties!! Kudos to you and stay safe!!!” wrote one Reddit user going by the username Morrowynn.

“Good for you dude, this is the stuff that makes me feel like I may be wrong about the world sometimes…” another user commented.

Inger, said he has also been impressed with how people are coming to the aid of others in their time in need. Even sleeping over in a parking lot, he said fast food restaurant stayed open well into the night to make sure evacuees could get something to eat.

As for the cats, they’re still in Edmonton with the owner’s brother — who actually offered Inger and his fiancé a place to stay if they needed. They instead chose to stay near friends who already know they don’t have a home to go back to in Fort McMurray.

Inger is holding out hope for the fate of his own home. He lives in the Timberlea neighbourhood, which officials say fared better than other areas of the city. Inger also spoke with a neighbour who he said was able to interact with her alarm system remotely — a positive sign that home may be all right.

Source: Fort McMurray wildfire: Locksmith comes to cats’ rescue during evacuation


Aricle source here: Fort McMurray wildfire: Locksmith comes to cats’ rescue during evacuation

Things You Should Discuss With A Commercial Locksmith In St. Louis, MO

Buying a commercial business is in a big step. One of the first things that is recommended when purchasing a new building is to change the locks. This can be a huge undertaking depending on the size of the business. So, it makes sense to start with a plan about your building’s locking system.

One of the things you should figure out before you have a Commercial Locksmith in St. Charles, MO come in is to figure out the number of keys or cards that you need for each individual door. This includes thinking about who is going to get the keys, who is going to have access to certain rooms, if you want more secure locks on some rooms and other important details. It helps to write these plans down to keep them straight.

Once you have figured out your basic plan, you should discuss with the Commercial Locksmith in St. Louis, MO the type of locks that you want installed. Since locks range from simple key locks to the more complex card swipe locks, you should decide on what type of security you want your building to have. Even if the building already has card locks installed, you will still want the locksmith to change the code on these as well.

Installing and testing out the new locks is really the next step after the plans with the Commercial Locksmith in St. Charles, MO have been discussed. It is important that any significant changes are made before the installation is started. This way, your locksmith won’t have to go back and redo the work. Testing out the locks will make sure that they work properly. You can also ask questions about how to work the locks if they are complicated and you are having trouble with them.

Locks are often a big part of security for a commercial business. Thus, you really need to change them after you own the building to ensure that the security is intact. It is also important in ensuring that the only people who have access are the ones who are allowed into the building.

locksmith service

Source : Things You Should Discuss With A Commercial Locksmith In St. Louis, MO

Aricle source here: Things You Should Discuss With A Commercial Locksmith In St. Louis, MO

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Locksmith Services: When should you avail them

Most of us do not realize the importance of professional locksmiths and contact them only in emergency situations. This is because we are not aware of when we actually need them and what problems cannot be solved without professional locksmith services. But here are some of them to keep you in the loop:

Home Locks’ Replacement

Watched a tutorial online regarding lock replacement? Think you can do it yourself now? You’re mistaken! Locksmiths are professionals for a reason! Not everyone can watch videos on the internet and learn how to replace a lock. Locks are an important part of the security measures you take for your home and you need to make sure that they are installed, the right way. As it is not easy to understand the mechanism in various locks, leave the job to professional locksmiths! Get your home locks replaced from people who have gained experience with years of training!

Key Issues and Automotive Locks

What do you do when you lock your car keys inside the car? Or when your car key gets stuck in the ignition? Usually, we visit our car dealer to get a new set of keys. But how often will you lock your car keys inside with a dealership nearby? Obviously, not every time! So what do you do now? Call a locksmith! The greatest benefit of locksmiths is that they are mobile and will be available 24/7. They can easily reach you wherever you are and can help you by replacing your car keys, getting the broken keys out of your ignition, opening car locks etc.

 Security Counseling

Although locksmiths are known for repairing and replacing locks, but they are the perfect people for security counseling as well. They have been in the business for years and with their experience, they will guide you with regard to the best security measures. They will let you know what steps you should take to make your house, car and office safe according to your budget. Locksmiths also witness the aftermath of burglary more than anyone else, and are thus, aware of the practices and can guide you about the preventive measures you should adopt. This is the benefit of working with reliable and experienced locksmith professionals. They will be there for you for more than just emergencies!

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Locksmith Offering Free Pet & Child Rescue Services

Social awareness of dangerous scenarios involving children and animals trapped in hot cars has grown significantly over the past several years, and a Nashville, Tennessee area locksmith is doing their part to contribute. This week, Armstrong Locksmith, a full service locksmith serving the regional Nashville area, announced that it’s offering free pet and child rescue emergency services.

Armstrong’s record of excellent service in the Nashville community has been overwhelmingly positive, but the company’s passionate team sought an additional way to give back.

“Any time you can use your business to provide a positive impact to your community, it’s a great thing,” said owner Rahim Ezzadpanah. “Hopefully we can be an asset to people and animals that find themselves and their loved ones in dangerous situations.”

Last year, a TODAY show correspondent highlighted the potential danger of leaving children and animals in a closed vehicle, even when it may appear that the conditions are safe. The temperature within a closed vehicle can change rapidly, posing an extreme risk to the fragile internal systems of humans and animals alike, especially young children and small dogs.

Most of the time, a pet or a child left in an overheating vehicle is the result of a simple lapse in judgment or a mistake. In 2002, the story of a man who left his 9-month old to die in the car shocked the nation. The act wasn’t purposeful or malicious; the man simply got distracted and made a mistake that changed his entire life forever.

These types of tragic stories showed Ezzadpanah a way he could make a major difference in the lives of the people in the Nashville area. Armstrong Locksmith already provides a wide range of emergency services to people locked out of their homes, cars and offices, and prides themselves on one of the industry’s quickest response times.

Making steps to protect the children and animals of Nashville is the Armstrong Locksmith team’s first priority, according to Ezzadpanah.

“We hope to use our quick emergency response times and technical expertise to prevent these tragedies in our community,” he said. “Armstrong has 15 years of experience helping residents with emergencies. My hope is that we can extend that service to rescuing pets and children trapped in potentially dangerous situations.”

So far, the response from the community about Armstrong’s new free-emergency services has been positive, as the citizens of Nashville are optimistic about the company’s ability to make their city a safer place to live.