Tuesday, March 28, 2017


If you can't get your car started, there are numerous causes this is occurring. One likelihood is that your ignition switch is malfunctioning. A worn-out ignition can be dangerous, so don’t put off getting it looked at by a professional. Examine your automobile carefully. In some instances, you can find the nature of the problem yourself.

Are You Having Trouble Starting Your Vehicle?

When you fire up the engine, the ignition coil pulls its power from the battery, sending it to the sparkplugs, which ignites the fuel so that your car will run. If you turn the engine over too many times, then you’ll probably drain the battery. If that's what you did, then there’s no power left to start it up again.
Be on the Lookout for these Warning Signs:

•    while idling, you’re often prone to stalling
•    you can't get your key in the ignition at all
•    you may notice higher auto emissions
•    your key comes out, even while the car's still running
•    sometimes, the steering wheel sticks, or it actually becomes immovable
•    you may observe increased fuel consumption
•    you might see car battery problems

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Aurora Master Locksmith: Lock Maintenance

Regularly maintaining your locks will ensure everything is working correctly. Whether you own a home or a business, keeping your security in check is important – after all, nobody wants to have to experience the aftermath of a break-in, nor will they want to be locked out because of a malfunctioning fixture that wasn’t cared for accordingly.

For these reasons, we’re taking the time to tell you some of the basic lock maintenance checks you can do yourself – and a how a locksmith can help you enhance your overall security.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Practical Information When You Are Locked Out of your Car

It is hard for some people to even think about being locked out of their car because it has never happened to them. If you’re having a problem remembering where you left your car keys or you suspect that they have been stolen, this article is for you. At Aurora Master Locksmith in Aurora, CO, the majority of our service requests are for motorists who are unable to locate their car keys. It is up to us to come to their aid by quickly arriving to their location in order to provide them with another key or get them back inside of their car, where they have left the key in their car ignition. If you have ever shown up to put the key in your door to get inside and realized that you do not have your keys, you already understand how upsetting such a situation can be. This is why you should heed the advice of some of the most responsive and efficient locksmiths in the area. They have seen enough people with this problem that they feel as though they can help them avoid losing their keys or what they can do if their keys are stolen. Listen up!

Trace Your Steps – If you have just discovered that you do not have your keys, you’ll need to retrace your steps to see if they show up. In some cases, you may simply put them down to pick something else up. Don’t be afraid to ask people whom you may have also come in contact with, whether or not they have noticed some keys or turned in some keys. They may just have turned them in to someone but you might never know if you do not ask.