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The Benefits of Keyless Entry Systems

You may have heard about keyless entry systems before, as these have become increasingly popular in recent years. As the name suggests, these high-tech security systems allow you to access a property without a traditional key. They are versatile and diverse, and well suited for many different property types. In fact, there are even keyless entry systems for vehicles.

There are many reasons why Aurora, CO, locals may consider going keyless. They may have too many keys to carry, needing to constantly fumble through their belongings just to find the right one to open their door. They may not feel secure keeping a spare key stashed under the carpet, or hidden elsewhere outside for emergency situations. It may be that they have a constant flow of tenants and need to find a hassle free way to let them in. Or, it could be that someone who is no longer trustworthy has access to their property through a spare key.

And these are just residential reasons. Business owners may be looking to improve their security after a break-in, car owners may want to restrict access to their vehicles as a means to prevent theft. The possibilities are endless, but the benefits keyless systems can bring will be worth it every time.

Locksmiths in Aurora, CO, recommend all locals to consider protecting themselves using this type of technology. Why? That is what we are here to tell you. No matter what type of property you are trying to protect, keyless entry systems are a guaranteed to improve your security.

We have already hinted at some of the main reasons to consider keyless systems, but here is a breakdown of the benefits you can expect.

They are very easy to install and use

You can probably guess that keyless systems are quite intuitive. They are very easy to install as they operate using standalone systems that require no wiring. For residential and commercial properties, keypads can be very easy to set up, for instance, being fitted like a standard doorknob over a deadbolt, and will provide you with the ease of creating and changing your passcodes as needed. And there is never any need to worry about forgetting your passcode, as most keyless packages include passkeys to provide you with extra peace of mind in case you are unable to access your property through the installed keypad system.

Safety and security are guaranteed

One of the biggest issues with carrying keys around is that these can easily get lost. And if you lose them, you will not be able to know who can access your property. A keyless entry system will save you from this issue, enabling you to control who can get into your residence, commercial property, or even your vehicle. On top of that, these systems provide you with the assurance that nobody will be able to get hold of a copy of your keys without your knowledge, further restricting access to your properties and increasing your control over your personal security.

Especially when it comes to vehicles, keyless systems have proven to be a great theft deterrent. It is much more difficult to enter and operate a keyless car, as these are especially programed to resist attempts to get into them without the right code. For residences and commercial properties, keyless systems can also deter break-ins, as thieves will not have locks to pry into. Simply said, keyless entry systems for all property types and vehicles enhance your protection because the restrictions will discourage your typical everyday burglar from trying to get in, as they prefer to target much simpler to enter properties.

Hiring a locksmith to install your new keyless system

When it comes to installing keyless systems – be it for your car, home or office building – we recommend that Aurora, CO, locals get in touch with a qualified locksmith. Aurora Master Locksmith fits the bill, but if you use their services or another, a licensed and insured locksmith service provider will have all the right training, tools, experience and equipment required for the job, and will provide you with all the security packages that you need for very affordable prices.

Most locksmiths offer free consultations, and will provide a full price quote for services upon request. Make full use of this when looking for your ideal keyless entry system. Schedule an appointment with a locally-based locksmith and ask them about the different keyless options they have available. They should be able to guide you through all the services they have on offer, including the pros and cons of each option, ultimately helping you make a fully informed decision about your security.

Once you are happy with your chosen Aurora, CO, locksmith service provider and the keyless solutions they have offered, they will install these for you right away. A trusted locksmith understands that security issues need to be handled in a very efficient manner, so you are sure to get professional and precise installations performed reasonably quickly. And if you experience any issues after this, they should be at your service 24/7 to take care of the most urgent situations.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fort McMurray wildfire: Locksmith comes to cats’ rescue during evacuation

Not everyone who owned a home in the path of the wildfire that burned through several Fort McMurray neighbourhoods was home at the time the mandatory evacuation order came down Tuesday afternoon.

So when local locksmith Chris Inger saw a Facebook post from a fellow Fort McMurrian, stuck at a work site north of the city and worried about three cats trapped at home, he stepped up with the tools of his trade to help.

Inger was in the midst of getting ready to flee the city with his fiancé when he saw the plea for help on the Fort McMurray Anything Goes Facebook group — where he was turning to for updates on the fire.

He told the cats’ owner he could swing by and unlock the home, but would leave the door open for someone else to swing by and pick up the three cats. But when no one offered to do that, Inger dropped everything once again.

He even made arrangements for people to travel in another car, so he could have space to evacuate the cats.

“The whole city, by that time, was under mandatory evacuation,” he said. “So, I went to the traffic again and picked them up on the way out.”

This was at a time when some 88,000 people were trying to flee the city at once and vehicles were backed up along Highway 63 — the main route out of town.

But Inger got back to the home and he and his fiancé rounded up the three cats, with only a couple scratches from a kitten that wasn’t quite ready to leave.

“Before you know it, we got three cats and kitty litter in our car, which was not really expected,” he told Global News in a phone interview from Edmonton, where he’s now staying until they find out when or if they can return home.

Locksmith Chris Inger jumped stepped up to the plate to help a fellow Fort McMurrian who couldn’t get home to save his cats during the wildfire evacuation.

Locksmith Chris Inger jumped stepped up to the plate to help a fellow Fort McMurrian who couldn’t get home to save his cats during the wildfire evacuation.

Chris Inger via Reddit

With the cats’ owner stuck up north of the city, Inger made arrangements to meet the man’s brother along the way, in Wandering River — where the couple spent the night in their car. Caught in the traffic, it took about 13 hours to make the four-hour drive to Edmonton.

Settled in to temporary lodging, Inger posted a photo of the three cats he rescued on Reddit — to share a small “silver lining” kind of story amid all the tragedy.

He didn’t expect the story to get the reaction it did.

“It’s too early to cry about how amazing you are for saving those kitties!! Kudos to you and stay safe!!!” wrote one Reddit user going by the username Morrowynn.

“Good for you dude, this is the stuff that makes me feel like I may be wrong about the world sometimes…” another user commented.

Inger, said he has also been impressed with how people are coming to the aid of others in their time in need. Even sleeping over in a parking lot, he said fast food restaurant stayed open well into the night to make sure evacuees could get something to eat.

As for the cats, they’re still in Edmonton with the owner’s brother — who actually offered Inger and his fiancé a place to stay if they needed. They instead chose to stay near friends who already know they don’t have a home to go back to in Fort McMurray.

Inger is holding out hope for the fate of his own home. He lives in the Timberlea neighbourhood, which officials say fared better than other areas of the city. Inger also spoke with a neighbour who he said was able to interact with her alarm system remotely — a positive sign that home may be all right.

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Things You Should Discuss With A Commercial Locksmith In St. Louis, MO

Buying a commercial business is in a big step. One of the first things that is recommended when purchasing a new building is to change the locks. This can be a huge undertaking depending on the size of the business. So, it makes sense to start with a plan about your building’s locking system.

One of the things you should figure out before you have a Commercial Locksmith in St. Charles, MO come in is to figure out the number of keys or cards that you need for each individual door. This includes thinking about who is going to get the keys, who is going to have access to certain rooms, if you want more secure locks on some rooms and other important details. It helps to write these plans down to keep them straight.

Once you have figured out your basic plan, you should discuss with the Commercial Locksmith in St. Louis, MO the type of locks that you want installed. Since locks range from simple key locks to the more complex card swipe locks, you should decide on what type of security you want your building to have. Even if the building already has card locks installed, you will still want the locksmith to change the code on these as well.

Installing and testing out the new locks is really the next step after the plans with the Commercial Locksmith in St. Charles, MO have been discussed. It is important that any significant changes are made before the installation is started. This way, your locksmith won’t have to go back and redo the work. Testing out the locks will make sure that they work properly. You can also ask questions about how to work the locks if they are complicated and you are having trouble with them.

Locks are often a big part of security for a commercial business. Thus, you really need to change them after you own the building to ensure that the security is intact. It is also important in ensuring that the only people who have access are the ones who are allowed into the building.

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Aricle source here: Things You Should Discuss With A Commercial Locksmith In St. Louis, MO