Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Locksmith Services: When should you avail them

Most of us do not realize the importance of professional locksmiths and contact them only in emergency situations. This is because we are not aware of when we actually need them and what problems cannot be solved without professional locksmith services. But here are some of them to keep you in the loop:

Home Locks’ Replacement

Watched a tutorial online regarding lock replacement? Think you can do it yourself now? You’re mistaken! Locksmiths are professionals for a reason! Not everyone can watch videos on the internet and learn how to replace a lock. Locks are an important part of the security measures you take for your home and you need to make sure that they are installed, the right way. As it is not easy to understand the mechanism in various locks, leave the job to professional locksmiths! Get your home locks replaced from people who have gained experience with years of training!

Key Issues and Automotive Locks

What do you do when you lock your car keys inside the car? Or when your car key gets stuck in the ignition? Usually, we visit our car dealer to get a new set of keys. But how often will you lock your car keys inside with a dealership nearby? Obviously, not every time! So what do you do now? Call a locksmith! The greatest benefit of locksmiths is that they are mobile and will be available 24/7. They can easily reach you wherever you are and can help you by replacing your car keys, getting the broken keys out of your ignition, opening car locks etc.

 Security Counseling

Although locksmiths are known for repairing and replacing locks, but they are the perfect people for security counseling as well. They have been in the business for years and with their experience, they will guide you with regard to the best security measures. They will let you know what steps you should take to make your house, car and office safe according to your budget. Locksmiths also witness the aftermath of burglary more than anyone else, and are thus, aware of the practices and can guide you about the preventive measures you should adopt. This is the benefit of working with reliable and experienced locksmith professionals. They will be there for you for more than just emergencies!

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Locksmith Offering Free Pet & Child Rescue Services

Social awareness of dangerous scenarios involving children and animals trapped in hot cars has grown significantly over the past several years, and a Nashville, Tennessee area locksmith is doing their part to contribute. This week, Armstrong Locksmith, a full service locksmith serving the regional Nashville area, announced that it’s offering free pet and child rescue emergency services.

Armstrong’s record of excellent service in the Nashville community has been overwhelmingly positive, but the company’s passionate team sought an additional way to give back.

“Any time you can use your business to provide a positive impact to your community, it’s a great thing,” said owner Rahim Ezzadpanah. “Hopefully we can be an asset to people and animals that find themselves and their loved ones in dangerous situations.”

Last year, a TODAY show correspondent highlighted the potential danger of leaving children and animals in a closed vehicle, even when it may appear that the conditions are safe. The temperature within a closed vehicle can change rapidly, posing an extreme risk to the fragile internal systems of humans and animals alike, especially young children and small dogs.

Most of the time, a pet or a child left in an overheating vehicle is the result of a simple lapse in judgment or a mistake. In 2002, the story of a man who left his 9-month old to die in the car shocked the nation. The act wasn’t purposeful or malicious; the man simply got distracted and made a mistake that changed his entire life forever.

These types of tragic stories showed Ezzadpanah a way he could make a major difference in the lives of the people in the Nashville area. Armstrong Locksmith already provides a wide range of emergency services to people locked out of their homes, cars and offices, and prides themselves on one of the industry’s quickest response times.

Making steps to protect the children and animals of Nashville is the Armstrong Locksmith team’s first priority, according to Ezzadpanah.

“We hope to use our quick emergency response times and technical expertise to prevent these tragedies in our community,” he said. “Armstrong has 15 years of experience helping residents with emergencies. My hope is that we can extend that service to rescuing pets and children trapped in potentially dangerous situations.”

So far, the response from the community about Armstrong’s new free-emergency services has been positive, as the citizens of Nashville are optimistic about the company’s ability to make their city a safer place to live.